Apartment 122

Feeling the breeze on my back,
I wake in your twilit room.
I don't want to turn over-
I woke up way too soon.
                                   What is this sadness?
I've got this empty, achy feeling,
My stomach is crazy, churning.
I roll over and gaze at your ceiling
And try to ignore this temporary, desired yearning.
                                   What is this sadness?
I know you've left me here alone,
I'm in your empty bed,
So I stretch out to your side
And pull the covers back over my head.
I can hear your CD quietly playing-
It brings me back to last night-
I swear I hear your voice barely breathing:
           "Stay with me-it feels right."
Tell me then:
Why am I alone today, in this love-full bed?
                                What is this sadness?

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