Never give up hope

Yesterday was a shitty day. In fact, the last several days were shitty in small ways, and I think it just kept piling up inside until I finally burst today.
In short, my jeep has some issues that are going to cost me money I don't have, on top of needing 2 new tires for safety reasons, and then wanting 4 new tires that are better suited to the look I want for my jeep, and the teeny tiny issue of not having the money for any of the above? Did I mention that already?
Then you add the divorce debacle, the stress of trying to pay bills and get the things my girl needs while balancing my own needs (I need to see a dentist SOON) with my own wants (WANT, WANT, Really WANT), the stress at work, my lack of sleep, this constant ache of unidentifiable origins, the impending snow f-ing storm that is supposed to be here by the time this post hits my blog in the AM, and I truly mean it was a disaster in the making.

So, tears while driving from the shop back to work. Tears as I ran into work, hoping the bathroom by the back door was empty so I could clean myself up.

I just don't seem to have much more I can give of myself. I'm tired. I'm worried. I'm stressed. I'm trying to focus most of my attention on my girl because she really needs it right now. I need exercise. I need a bubble bath. I need a damn backrub.

So I get home from work after sitting in an hour's worth of traffic, and there are 2 things in the mail for me besides bills. One is a gift card from Olive Garden as an apology for the shittiest service EVAH about a month ago. Yay!

The other was an envelope addressed to me w/ a return address from Hollywood. I didn't really pay attention to the handwriting. Inside was this:

Went to a Nintendo event awhile back (hosted by Jennie and Shauna) and we had to write out a card to ourself. Here's what I wrote:

Amazing, the timing, no? I needed this. I know this stuff, but I needed to see it, in my own handwriting.


PBPDesigns said...

Stay strong babe! Wish I could help. LMK if there's anything I can do from here. P

Anonymous said...

I'm having one of those weeks myself, so yay for encouraging voices from the past!

Also, chocolate.

Chocolate always helps.

linlah said...

The best notes are the ones we write to ourselves.

pamela @vampiresmitten said...

that is amazing. the letter. and horray for gift cards when you're moneyless. always great to "splurge a little" when you get a gift card.

How are you? Miss you