A Day (okay, a Week) late & a (sand)dollar short

Before you guys throw salmonella-ridden tomatoes at me, I think I can pull myself out of the fetal position long enough to give you some pictures.

I'd also be happy to tell you how I'm still peeing out my butt, but not really at the same rate. How do I say this eloquently? Um.....ah jeez, I can't. It sucks. I probably need to go to the doctor, but I'm swamped with shit at work that is literally making me pull my hair out, & I've got laundry to fold, & Father's Day gifts to hunt for, & dishes to wash, & sheets to put on my bed, & dogs to walk, & toilets to visit, & -deeeeeeep breath-. I've been thinking about how I can duplicate myself, or maybe just sleep less so I can get more done. But that would require my getting out of my fetal position.

Get your popcorn, Junior Mints, or whatever it is you crave, and get ready for the show. (Pfft. Like it's that exciting.)

Take a good, hard look at that overcast sky. Memorize it. That's what I saw for 7 f-ing days.

The beach was man-made, and someone missed the memo about using play sand, NOT KITTY LITTER. Brutal on the feet.

The sound of the waves was awesome. The undertow was powerful. The foam was, well, foamy. It also induced vomiting if you swallowed it. You really don't want to know how I know this.

My girl loved the water and the kitty litter sand. She full-out laughed when we stood on the shoreline, getting pounded by wave after wave after wave. I only wish someone else had caught that on film for me. It's burned in my memory though.

My girl ignored the foam, and focused on the impossible task of building a sandcastle with the kitty litter.

That's my beautiful little sister. Jeez, to have that body! She's got my mom's long legs, and gorgeous green eyes. Make me sick.

We ended up spending a lot of time at the pool, what with the creepy foam, painful sand, & the knock-ya-on-your-ass waves. Let me be a bit more specific: We spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Gah.

This is just about the only picture I have of my husband smiling, if you can call it that. That's my Silly Willie. That was also when he was sober.

And this is my King Crab Willie. Sober, but hung over. Or sick. Or just crabby. I'm not sure. I try to steer clear of this Willie. But jeez, just look at that face! I just want to kiss those crabby lips. Ahem. Sorry.

How cute is this picture? My girl is so very affectionate. She got that from me. I'm hoping between the two of us, we can turn my King Crab around. He is affectionate with her, so I can tell he is warming up to the idea.

Who needs a bathing suit full of sand when you can sport a pull-up?

She found shells, and also little hermit crabs. I told her they were her long-lost family members. She told me, "I not a crabcake. I a CUPCAKE!"

This picture was taken about 2.5 seconds before she threw sand at me. Over and over and over. Fun stuff.

That's about all I can post tonight, because this has taken me over an hour to do, between my potty runs and watching the show '30 Days'.
More pictures tomorrow, and more on all our little adventures.


Misty said...

I adore this post, except you and your runs.... Girl, get to the doctor.... this has gone on long enough. Enough already. I'll be checking back in... so you better take care of this.... eh hem.... problem.....

Danielle said...

Overcast and shitty sand aside, it looks like fun!

Your girl is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...







The laundry and everything else will all still be there when you get back. This is far too long for this problem to still be occurring.

Anonymous said...

misty: I know, I know. With no insurance, I just can't justify going to the doctor for him to say 'well, you need to drink more water, eat bananas and toast and crackers, and...' blah blah blah. but i will take care of it this week, i promise.

danielle: thanks! i think she's beautious too! :0)

raven: See my comment to Misty.

Anonymous said...

Water butt is no excuse...more photos woman! (Just kidding....you probably really should go to a doctor...or...hey.....I know. Take some T3s! I happen to know it works.)
Love the beach pics...kitty litter or not.

Anonymous said...

Don't go yelling at me sister..I've been busy!!

(did you get that I was trying to be mean)

Ummm.. Just go on my blog, click the page with the blig...COPY the blink to your computer then upload it like a picture... Wallla

Love your pics..the foam is gross..
Yeah...and go to the doctor...I think you need antibiotics..

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm not going to tell you to go to the doctor because I know that I probably wouldn't go either, and I would probably say - hey, good way to lose a few pounds, constant runs. And if you are already doing what you think the doctor will tell you (eat bananas and toast) and it isn't working, then there's your anwer - it isn't working and you probably have something toast won't cure. Do you have any other symptoms? Maybe something you aren't thinking about. Headache, unusual pains anywhere (I know my gallbladder will hurt my upper back on the right side in the shoulder blade area, OR it can hurt my side or stomach) and it totally causes diahrrea. My sister in law swears by the probiotic yogurt drink for stopping persistent diahrea.

I am envious of the vacation, I won't be going anywhere til November, and it will probably be a long time til we get to go anywhere after that.

Anonymous said...

run momma: Don't worry-I'll keep posting pictures from my bathroom.

2nd journal: Yipeee! I got my blog bling! Thanks! And you need to be a bit more harsh for me to think you are being mean. :) Take lessons from my boss/hubby. Ha!

Heather: I do have other symptoms. I've been feeling odd for awhile. Tired since like November. And other odd shit. back pain-check. tired-check. weight loss-NADA. I'm just not sure any of this shit adds up to equal one thing, or if the doctor will look at me like I have 2 heads. So annoying.