Monday Monday

The semester started today, and while I'm excited (so far), I was a bit overwhelmed by all the reading in one of my classes. I have 6 chapters to read for next Monday, just in that class! Guess I'll finish The Time Traveler's Wife and start Rage sometime around Christmas. Le sigh.


I had two packages in my mailbox when I got home.

First, I got my BusyBodyBook! I am so excited about this, and can I just tell you that I will be spending large amounts of time filling this sucker up tomorrow, instead of working? Yeah, I haz dork.

What sold me about this calender/planner is all of the space to put your appointments, and 5 columns to separate each category. For instance, I will have a column for school-related appointments and assignments, one for things related to my girl, one for things related to work, one for personal stuff like hair appts or massages (hahahahahaha-like THAT will happen any time soon!), & one for...hell, I don't know yet, but you get my point.


My second package is actually something that isn't for me, but I was super-excited anyway! My sweet NY friend Peggy has launched a new site, featuring her super-softy, perfectly cuddly, and very functional baby blankets! It's the perfect swaddle blanket! And look at the cute fabric!!

Please go check out her site, Li'l Foot Designs.

Not only does she do awesome work, but the fabric is soft & sweet and the price is perfect! Also? She's totally having a giveaway right now, and you could win your very own swaddle blanket!


THEN! If that wasn't enough for one day, a fairly new reader to my blog sent me a button for my "When pills aren't enough" Sessions! How sweet is she?!

How lucky can one silly girl possibly be??


Holly said...

Loves it! Stole it. Made it mine. Hey - is my package there yet? Biddy got hers...I knew that goof up on the customs form would screw it up. SONOFA

Anonymous said...

I have totally wanted to get one of the busy body books. I think I might have to do it this year.

Also...awwww, thanks for giving me the shout out! You so totally rock!!! Glad you like the blanket!!!

Unknown said...

Love the button...that's very cool...

Unknown said...

I SOO want one of those books. Except... I'd fill mine out for 3 days straight and then never use it again. Cause that's what I do.

And I'm going to make smaller buttons for people to use (and one that actually looks professional, unlike that lame first attempt).

Sarah said...

ahhhh I want that planner! Let me know how you like it when you start using it. I love stationary...I has dork too