GTT-Call me a chicket shit ONE.MORE.TIME

The things I will probably never do, although I'm pretty sure they would all be awesome if I had the balls:
  • Skydive-My heart would probably be in my stomach the entire time, I would make weird animal sounds, and I'd pee my pants, shit my pants, puke, or all of the above. I'll pass.
  • Bungee jump-See above.
  • Go scuba diving-I have this odd issue with being in the water with fish. I want to be able to swim with the fishies, appreciate the beauty underwater, but I get all nervous and batshit. Pass. 
  • Go real-life mountain climbing. I'm not a wuss, but I'm also not that badass.
  • Go hunting w/ my hubby. Now, this is a tricky one. See, I really don't want to shoot and kill an animal, especially a deer, but I guess I sorta see the appeal for my hubby. I just wish I could share in that with him, I guess? I don't know. This one's just meh. Pass.
  • Run some sort of marathon, 5K, etc. I walk several each year, but I would love to be able to just run the entire time. 
  • Tell my mother-in-law what I think of her shitty attitude towards her son (my hubby), myself, and everyone related to me. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This one is a death sentence. Not gonna happen. 
What about you? What are you too afraid to do?


Dee said...

OMG I'm so with you on the MIL one, hell on most of them! Lol... I would really love to skydive/bungee jump but I know once I'd get my happy ass up there I could never do it! I'd have to be attached to someone else who does have the balls to jump lmao!

Kelly Miller said...

I wasn't created to jump off stuff. It's just unnatural!

colleen said...

I almost put mountain climbing! Too funny that we're so similar! :)

The MIL thing, I get. Luckily mine is pretty awesome but my sister's MIL is a nightmare!!!

TUWABVB said...

Um, I'm afraid to do pretty much everything on that list as well!

knoxvillepixie said...

Confronting MIL. That's a great one. I share this fear as well.

Chibi said...

For her 16th birthday, my sister passed up the traditional driving lessons group gift and instead had us all pitch in so she could jump out of a PLANE many, many, MANY miles above the earth. O_O (I have to say, the video was pretty cool, though.)

Everyone's MIL horror stories kind of make me glad Chebbar's mother is a selfish [enter bad word here] who lives on the other side of the country and hasn't had ANY interest in her children (or her grandchildren) since they were teens.

Claudia said...

Maybe one day you can gussy up enough courage for your MIL. You'd probably feel better ;)

Anonymous said...

Geez, you and I could be twins. I think this could be my list right down to the MIL issues.

Mine makes me crazy (well, crazier).

Anonymous said...

So, we did this thing on our cruise called "snuba"- which is the wussie version of scuba diving. I recommend that.

If I had the balls, I would:
- Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly
- Run off to Vegas with 1 bag
- Um, have a kid

AmazingGreis said...

I'm totally with you on the 5K. I can barely walk a mile w/o almost dying, I'm thinking 5K would be impossible! LOL